Méssèñgër òf Gõd

God has given birth to child by mother,

But leave them over the belief of father.

God has built his character like the oxygen,

Which is essential for family for combustion..


His children’s onstinating nature give him inner power,

Which enabled him to stand still infront of all super power.

In adverse conditions he makes his smile awake,

But in alone he cries like water from Lake…


God had made this character with lot’s of halt,

And added the uniqueness of the salt.

Whose presence in food makes it yes,

But it’s absence makes everything tasteless….


By Utkarsh 😎🥺


This mighty bulging Orb is suffering from deadly contagion,

emerged from the historical city’of dragon.

Where the folks take them as the most brilliant scientists,

but the invisible crites twirl them into silent list..

Ages before countries sparred in the dream of nuclear,

but,this human venom has made the mind clear.

To be continued on globe,they had to come together,

from us to our existence,to make it better.

This rancour came into existence in the city is Wuhan,

and bedcovered many more like USA,Italy,India and Afghan.

Now all the superpower knell down in front of it,

But still it sticked to quit human along with its kit..

By Utkarsh😎😎👍


Ones ineffable present by almighty is Mother,

Her touch of hands makes us coaser.

Like the shield she aegis us from the World of doom,

But Inviogates to blossom like bloom.

Inspite of leading life full of struggle,

But has desire to reach the pinnacle.

In every circumstances, she makes her smile awake,

But in alone, she weeps out like water from lake.

Due time she exhausts all her power,

But blesses us like sprinkle from shower.

Sometime she may scolds us for our mistake,

As it’s for our sake to make us awake.

Even when we became successful in life,

But should not leave her alone to dive.

However, in future we can be master in any field,

But remember, except her none will protect like shield.

Her true importance is realised after her end,

Which compels every power to bend.

That’s about misery, which makes me shattered,

When she will leave me alone in the egocentric world..



All my enthusiasm go in vain,

When India lose its match again.

When kohli Rohit and Rahul smashed at one

Then Dhoni Stratigms take India to 221 runs.

India has lost its DRS forever,

Now who will make India a winner?

Dhoni was not only clever wicketkeeper,

But also an incredible leader.

Dhoni was the most fortunate star,

To make India unbeatable in every war.

His calibre makes other blockheaded and fool,

That’s why he is known as the captain cool.

In his arena he touched point of pinnacle,

Then after youngsters started taking him his cynical.

Between the wickets when he ran like blood in the stream,

Moreover, India expected to bring a title again.

Now this superhero wants to take rest,

From the world of best from best.

We deeply inspired with his sentiments,

When he will announce the date of retirement..



*Everywhere we searched for his evidence,

But unable to find his existence

Every moment scientists argued for this subject,

But everytime their results get rejected.

*Someone’s there that is the mystery,

But always been since history.

No one could trace who’s it

Who forgive us for our every guilt.

*Everywhere we hunt for its existence,

But can’t imagine its Preceptance.

He’s the navigator of our life,

and never cut our success with knife.

*Sometime I argued for his judriction

For poor and rich he makes lot of differentiation.

When he consoles us as his children,

Then why is he always hidden.

*He says he is Omnipresent.,

Which makes us happy and pleasant

Some one says him God almighty or alien,

But I knew he is one in Trillion.

By utkarsh